Selected Poems Online

“Gold Dredge,” Ninth Letter, 2019

Five sonnets from "Shale Plays," Boston Review, 2018

“Adaptation,” National Endowment for the Arts Writers' Corner, 2017 

"The Score," "Postseason," Foundry, 2017

"Key to the Kingdom," Academy of American Poets, 2016

"Primate House," Bennington Review, 2016

"Artifact Hotel," PBS NewsHour, 2015

"Let Muddy Water Sit and It Grows Clear," Academy of American Poets, 2015

"Vikings Did Not Have Horns On Their Helmets," Poetry Society of America, 2013

“Rain in Detroit,” “Red Tide,” “Cape Canaveral,” BOMB, 2008

"Appalachian Trail," Academy of American Poets, 2012

from “Breakdown Cover” (five poems), Web Conjunctions, 2008

“Late Light Day Dark," "The Sound Weapon," “Subject Molt,” TriQuarterly Online, 2010

from “Quandaries” (seven poems), Web Conjunctions, 2005


“Kilkenny Ridge Trail,” Make X: A Decade of Literary Art. Eds. Daniel Borzutzky, Joel Craig, Sarah Dodson, Kamilah Foreman, Sarah Kramer, Brenda Lozano, and Kathryn Scanlan (Chicago, IL: Make Literary Productions / Featherproof Books, 2017).

from “A Little Religion of Sledgehammers and Mandarins” (three poems), A Best of Fence: The First Nine Years. Ed. Rebecca Wolff (Albany, NY: Fence Books, 2009)

“Ailment,” Verse Magazine 1995-2004: The Second Decade. Eds. Brian Henry and Andrew Zawacki (Athens, GA: Verse, 2005).

“Hong Kong Nocturne,” City Voices: Hong Kong Writing in English, 1945 to the Present. Eds. Michael Ingham and Xu Xi (Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2003).

Selected Poems in Periodicals

"Goldfish," "Gold Donkey," Pleiades. Vol. 38.2, 2018

"El Dorado," "A Raft of Rushes," "Gold Cure," "Fracking Anadarko," "Fracking Bakken," "Fracking Barnett," "Fracking Eagle Ford," The Literary Review. Vol. 61.1, 2018 

"Fracking Fayetteville," "Fracking Niobrara," "Fracking Granite Wash," "Fracking Haynesville," "Fracking Marcellus," Boston Review. Spring 2018

“Apostrophe to S,” The Georgia Review. Vol. 71.3, Fall 2017

“The Score,” “Postseason,” Foundry. Issue 3, March 2017   

“Key to the Kingdom,” Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day. November 30, 2016

“Night Bloom,” “Primate House,” Bennington Review. Issue 1, March 2016

“Pyrolysis,” “Storm Damage,” Pinwheel. Issue 10. Spring 2016  

“Let Muddy Water Sit and It Grows Clear,” Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day. June 16, 2015

“Battening Song,” Gulf Coast. Vol. 27.2, Spring 2015

“The Exactness,” “Polyhedral,” “Seven Analects,” Denver Quarterly. Vol. 49.3, Spring 2015

“Artifact Hotel,” The Massachusetts Review.  Vol. 56.1, Spring 2015

“Ozark Spur,” “Ute Valley,” Conduit. Issue 25, Spring 2014

“Jello Pig,” Columbia Poetry Review. Issue 27, Spring 2014

“Green Rock Trail,” “Medicine Bow Trail,” “Osage Plain,” “Kilkenny Ridge Trail,” MAKE: A Chicago Literary Magazine. Issue 12, 2013

"Vikings Did Not Have Horns on Their Helmets," Poetry Society of America. March 13, 2013

“Twombly’s Leda on Thunderlake Trail,” “Deadhorse Trail,” Portland Review. Vol. 59.1, Winter 2013

"Appalachian Trail," Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day. July 19, 2012

from “Woodland Pattern” (eleven poems), Conjunctions. Vol. 59, 2012

“Wildbane Trail,” Critical Quarterly. Vol. 54.1, 2012

"Interior with Falling Bodies," All Along Press Broadside Series. Vol. 1.1, 2011

“Brick City,” “Natural Philosophy,” “Affidavit,” Bright Pink Mosquito. Issue 1, 2011

"The National Interest," Academy of American Poets. 2010

"Late Light Day Dark," "The Sound Weapon," "Subject Molt," TriQuarterly Online. Issue 138, 2010

“Pataphysical Snowflakes,” Jubilat. Issue 16, 2009

from “A Soccer Ball for Dr. Kissinger” (four poems), Fence. Vol. 11.2, 2009

“Return of the Jackdaw,” “Supplicant as Supplement,” American Poetry Review. Vol. 37.1, 2008

"Red Tide," "Rain in Detroit," "Cape Canaveral," BOMB. Issue 105, 2008

“Pair of Hooves,” “A Plane of Consistency in the Equivocations of God,” “Bicycles and Trees,” “A Plane of Consistency in the Misdeeds of the Body,” Conjunctions. Vol. 51, 2008

from "Breakdown Cover," (five poems), Web Conjunctions. July 22, 2008

“Twelve Fundamentals,” KGB Bar Lit. Fall 2007

“Statuary,” “Exhibition Press Release,” Spinning Jenny. Issue 9, 2006

“Built That They May Find Their Tongues,” “Junk Suite,” Black Warrior Review. Vol. 31.1, 2005

“The Hole in the Fog,” Chelsea. Issue 78, 2005

“Exoskeletal,” Artful Dodge. Issue 46/47, 2005

“Ailment,” “The Factory in the Factory of Simultaneity,” “Or Am I Buried Up To My Throat Only to Coax,” Verse. Vol. 22.1, 2005

from "Quandaries," (seven poems), Web Conjunctions. April 15, 2005

from “The Figure” (four poems), Aufgabe. Issue 4, 2004

“A Whole in the Factory of Null,” “The Factory of Liquid is a Lair,” The Canary. Issue 3, 2004

“Paused in the Factory of Choice,” Colorado Review. Vol. 31.3, 2004

“Inventory, Entering the New York Public Library,” Gulf Coast. Vol. 17.1, 2004

“Shots,” Indiana Review. Vol. 26.1, 2004

“The Factory of What I Loved,” Jubilat. Issue 9, 2004

“The Demolition,” LIT. Issue 9, 2004

“Counterfeit,” Quarterly West. Issue 58, 2004

“Ash Wednesday,” Verse Magazine Online. October 13, 2004

from “A Little Religion of Sledgehammers and Mandarins” (three poems), Fence. Vol. 6.1, 2003

“Mekong, Mohican,” Mid-American Review. Vol. 23.2, 2003

“Humming in the Factory of Yesness,” Ploughshares. Vol. 29.4, 2003